Wayshowers Community Fellowship members are connected around the world through community fellowships, leadership forums, conferences, study, meditation, creative and healing arts, and community service.



– It is Our Spirit That Unites Us! –



  • Receive spirit is Our River newsletter.
  • Periodic conference calls for members.
  • Voting privileges at the annual Membership Meeting.
  • A 20% discount on WCF retreats.
  • Special member training.



As a member of WCF there is unique and fulfilling ways to be involved in our community.
Below are some of the ways you can give back and inspire future wayshowers in you area:


  • Expand your role as a spiritual healer in your community
  • Share your inspiration and creativity for our publications and periodicals.
  • Help organize and share new fellowships.
  • Provide forums for civic and religious leaders to share their wisdom.
  • Support research and development of publications.
  • Help expand spiritual arts including healing, music, dance and other media.
  • Host Wayshowers’ Spirit Calls.
  • Support services which strengthen inner freedom and personal loyalty.

Get involved in Wayshowers Community Fellowship Activities


WCF initiates fellowships around the world for the purpose of creating spiritual community, lifting energy and practicing inner communication.


WCF will sponsor events in which community and spiritual leaders explore universal truths and plan ways to apply them more fully in their lives, relationships and business services.


Weekly international conference calls are a service of WCF for inspiration and healing. Members can volunteer to co-host and/or host Spirit Calls for deeper fulfillment and healing opportunity.


WCF develops and distributes new literature based on research of the world’s spiritual traditions. This information is provided on our website and in publications circulated in our community.


WCF fosters the creation and/or expansion of spiritual arts including healing, music, creative writing, dance, visual arts and other media.


Opportunities for provision of services will be made available in communities where members choose to focus.  Wayshowers sharing with each other their gifts, talents and skills.

More about Wayshowers Community Fellowship

Wayshowers® Community Fellowship Corp. is a spiritual, charitable organization based upon the life example of Dr. Francisco Coll that “Spirit is Our River”. Built upon his pioneering work, WCF extends universal principles of working with Spirit globally into the new millennium. WCF’s purpose is to provide a community fellowship for every unique spiritual path.

Our goals are to:

  • Support the wayshower in each of us, the part of us that inspires and shows a way to others,
  • Bring to life the deeper spiritual truths contained in the spiritual traditions on planet earth, healing division and building understanding,
  • Expand inner communication and spiritual consciousness within individuals, communities, nations and the world.

WCF focuses on the innate wisdom and spiritual purpose in each soul on earth.  Learn more on our About page.

Wayshowers Community Fellowship Corp. is a non-profit spiritual and charitable organization incorporated in 2000. WCF has been designated a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization by the IRS. Your donations are tax-deductible.