Spirit Call Details!


Spirit Call Access Number: Telephone: 1-515-604-9000 PIN access code: 832368# For Australian callers: local access: +61 280770505 and UK callers: +44 3300881603. Pin is same 832368#. Canadian and New Zealand callers please call 515 number. (The weekly Spirit Call is a 20-25 minute long-distance toll call.)


Spirit Call Date and Time:
First and Third Fridays, at 9:30 pm USA Eastern time. (Use this world time-clock link to help you calculate the correct date and time for your country.)


Give yourself a special opportunity to unite with others around planet Earth for sharing pure love, joy and light! You will experience a brief guided meditation, distance healing and uplifting of your energy during our weekly Wayshowers spirit Call. We are celebrate a different spiritual tradition on the 1st Friday, and focus on a quality each month on the Wayshower qualities on the 3rd Friday.