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Affiliated Organizations: 
Americana Leadership College  
Inner Peace Movement  Programs
Profound Mystical Meditation for the Western Society 
Peace Community Church International 
Angel Encounter Workshop 

Balanced Living Institute 
Aspire Higher Coaching -Cherise Greski 

Iowa Health Freedom Coalition 

World Clocks for planning meetings: 
Meeting Planner 
Advanced Meeting Planner   example 
Fixed Time Planner    Spirit Call example 

Other Quality Websites:

NEW "You are the Light of the World" movie is a peaceful way to reconnect with your inner light to heal your world. "You do not need the world's permission to shine your light upon the dark."

NEW The Oneness Minute is a daily one minute meditation project at 11:11am/pm. Practice your feelings of oneness daily with this meditation. 
Click on the link to get the story from their website and hear the music.

The Great Illusion  a spiritual message with remarkable surreal images and significant messages about "reality..."

The Beloved Community  James Twyman  "Emissary of Light" 
ChristianityToday.com  with  International Day of Prayer - Holidays  
World Laughter Tour    "Think Globally, Laugh Locally,"  The health and peace benefits of laughter.

LucisTrust.org   Alice Bailey, founder.  Multimedia- audio programs available
PranicHealing.org  worldwide info and contacts

SpiritSite.com Index of Spiritual Writings 
Religious Movements -Alphabetic Listing of Group Profiles
Spiritwalk Traditions 

Hebrew Bible Explorer  
Internet Sacred Text Archive  many texts searchable in English 
Search Sacred-texts.com

Virtual Library of Useful URLs - 200 Religion (Includes Mythology) 
Yahoo! Directory Religion and Spirituality Faiths and Practices


"Wisdom Tales from Around the World: Fifty Gems of Story and Wisdom for Such Diverse Traditions As Sufi, Zen, Taoist, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, African, and Native American (World Storytelling)"  by Heather Forest  paperback  hardback  


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